Ai Yiing Lim

I want to be better for my family, especially my kid.

Weighing at 66kg, I ventured on a dangerous weight loss journey with the consumption of pills. I stopped taking the pill after experiencing severe heart palpitations.

From then, my weight rapidly increased and I was double my size. One day, my husband took a photo of my back view and posted it on Facebook. The picture painted a stark reality of my current physique and I decided to do something for myself by training the right way.

I get to know of Fitness First through social media, and I took the opportunity to join the fitness industry hoping it will change my lifestyle. And it did.

Through dedication and hard work, now I am fitter and stronger with the ability to do barbell squat for 70kg with 4 reps.

I hope to share the importance of well-being with the women of today, especially working mothers.  Take care of yourself first, so that you can take care of your family and loved ones.

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