Anita Mehta

One completely frozen shoulder, two locked knees, constant head & neck aches and severe joint pains from arthritis. I could barely wear clothes myself, couldn’t walk much (forget about climbing stairs!) and needed help for simple tasks like opening a bottle cap.

I visited several doctors, and met with the same response each time: “It’s all old age, you need to learn to live with this,” they said. Even the medical experts could not do anything to help me out of my state, I felt handicapped and depressed.

While I was trying to accept my fate, a miracle happened on 31 October 2018 – my daughter shared the good news that she was pregnant. At that moment, I felt a powerful surge of energy radiating within me. I made up my mind that no matter what, I will improve my health to live my biggest dream – the dream of holding my grandchild in my arms, independently.

Since my daughter signed me up with Fitness First in 2011, I have been attending various group exercise classes regularly. The unbelievable transformation came after I started training with Jack Poh, whom I was introduced to by a family member who had witnessed Jack’s dedication and professionalism in his field. I decided to take the leap and would travel from Simei to Marina Bay Financial Centre thrice a week to train with him. His unmatchable discipline, dedication, constant motivation and incredible knowledge about fitness steered me towards my goals.

Progressively, my arm strength improved tremendously and joint pains vanished. From daily dosage of painkillers and not being able to move my arms or legs 6 months ago, I can now carry 10kg weights, do 100 squads, jump steps and lunges in every training session.

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I walked out of a depression, to living a life that is full of zest. Physically, I look and feel young and people often laugh that I now look like my daughter’s sister!

On 24 June 2019, my grandson was born. I held him in my arms and hugged him without anyone’s support. I got a new meaning to life that moment and each day since then has been a blessing. I can now play with him, give him a baby massage (and see him smile & enjoying the process!), bath him and console him when he is in discomfort. This would not have been possible 6 months ago with my severe shoulder and joint problems.

Every moment is priceless.

With my improved health conditions, I now lead a much more meaningful and fulfilled life by giving back to the society. I am currently a member at two women associations and do home visits to meet and help people at least twice a week. I would also whip up dinner every day for my children after their work.

The new challenge that I have set for myself is to compete in a 5km run this year. This will be a huge milestone for me as I would have never imagined taking up running, given my knee problem, that too at the age of 64.


As Jack always says, “no pain no gain”; and that has been so true – all the pain I went through has been well compensated by the amazing new life I am leading now. He has truly transformed my fitness and made me a very strong and confident person.

Fitness is not only about having the perfect weight or the waist size. It’s about being physically and mentally healthy. And this is where my achievement lies. The amazing training that I received has given me a new lease of life and created a New Me. From physical health to mental strength to emotional stability, I am now completely transformed.

In fact, my journey has inspired my friends so much that we will meet 1-2 times a week to exercise together. I have achieved so much in last 6 months that no words can ever express the gratitude I have for Jack and Fitness First.

At 63 I feel like 36 – what more can I ask for!