My metabolism started slowing down after turning 30 and while I was focusing on my career, I neglected my health and fitness. When my clients joked about my weight and how I was looking very “prosperous”, I simply laughed it off. All the late night entertainment meetings and supper did not help. I felt lethargic and tired at work, and also felt unconfident about how I looked and unhappy about the physical state I was in.

I received my first rude awakening when I went for my health check – I was 98kg! Being close to 100kg, my doctor warned me that I really needed change my sedentary lifestyle, especially since my family has a history of heart issues.

The final straw came when my pants buckle came off at a waist size of 35. I needed to do something about this.

Through proper guidance on nutrition and a detailed fitness plan, I managed to bring down my weight and increase my muscle mass. With the holistic GX classes offered by Fitness First, and with the well-equipped gym, my weight went down from 98kg to 68kg!

My next fitness milestone was to gain muscle mass, to bring my total mass to 81kg. With increase muscle mass and decreased in body fat %, my waist line went down from 35 to 30. I gained renewed confidence with my own outlook and appearance, which was exemplified very positively in social and business settings.

Before I embarked on my fitness journey, I could not pass my IPPT. After training with Fitness First, I was able to pass my IPPT with a Silver, and am currently aiming to get my IPPT Gold.

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I’m also motivated to join more fitness races like the Spartan Race, which is something I wouldn’t have thought I’d do.

The GX classes were what drew me in, but what made me stay were the people – staff at 100AM have been very encouraging and motivating, and my PT Edmund (and the other PTs in the club) have always been giving advice and encouragement along the way. They have truly made this journey possible.

Being with Fitness First has changed my life, and my health. I would like to be a positive influence and role model to show that with dedication and hard work, everyone’s fitness goal is within reach!