Jerome Tan

I was not in good health and suffering from eczema.

Knowing I have to make a big change to my lifestyle and environment to improve my health, I jumped on the opportunity to make the career switch from a chef to a Personal Trainer at Fitness First One Raffles Quay.

My life changed since then, when I started to feel and look good. My skin condition improved, with my energy level reaching its peak. I was living life fully charged and driven to make a difference in others too.

It took me a year to build muscle mass and reduced my fat percentage. Now, I am proud of my visible abs and feel more confident and comfortable in my own body.

The feeling of achievement is going through the process of understanding how it works. It’s not easy, but the results from all the hard work is truly worth it.

My next goal: to go below 10% fat mass.

I would like to thank the fitness team at Fitness First One Raffles Quay – Daniel, Terrence, Evans, James, Travis and Dick, my best friend. They have been extremely supportive on my fitness journey, sharing knowledge on diets and exercise techniques.

Today, I would like to inspire and motivate others with my story. It’s not about the award.  It is to raise awareness for others to pursue their best in life.

I found my life-changing moment through fitness, so what are you waiting for?