Rayson Yong

That moment when I could not fit into my army uniform during my reservist back in 2017 was a rude awakening for me. I was fat at 91kg with a BMI of 30.4, suffering from high blood pressure, lower back pain and constantly lethargic.

To stop my health from deteriorating further, I decided to lose weight by taking the “easy way” out – cutting out the carbs from my diet. How easy, I thought. Slimming down without spending time and energy on exercising. But boy, I was wrong.

With this fad diet, I suffered from withdrawal symptoms ranging from nausea to dizziness. Despite this, I pulled through and curbed my carbs cravings for 6 months. Around the same time, my friend Benny encouraged me to start exercising so that the weight loss can be sustainable. He reasoned that going to the gym where personal trainers are readily available to guide and motivate me would be more efficient than exercising on my own.

After much persuasion, I decided to sign up for a gym membership in Mar 2018. Fitness First was my choice with the convenient locations around the island that allows me to walk in to a club anytime and anywhere. That was when I met my personal trainer, Daniel Tan, at Fitness First One Raffles Quay. I was immediately struck by his positive attitude and hence, my training journey with him began.

During our initial training sessions, he guided me on the proper use of the equipment and ensuring that I had the correct form to prevent injuries. He taught me various exercises and how each one targets various muscle group for growth. I truly enjoyed his company and tapping onto his rich wealth of knowledge and experience.

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I also started attending lunch classes with my gym buddies, Benny and Michelle. The first class I attended was RPM, as I thought cycling was the easier choice for someone who was overweight and unfit, but again I was wrong. Muscles which I never knew existed started to come alive from years of inactivity. I was sore, but I never felt more alive and strong!

From then on, I continued to push myself and work harder to attend the comprehensive suite of classes that Fitness First offers. After 3 – 4 months, I started to see progress. My weight dived from 91kg to 80kg, a whooping 11kg off my frame! Spurred by the sense of achievement, I was motivated to raise the bar for myself by becoming stronger and leaner. With these goals in sight, I signed on another 24 Personal Training sessions with Daniel.

By September 2018, I lost another 8kg with a steady decrease in my fat percentage and by December 2018, I reached my goal of 67 kg! This was a remarkable milestone in my life. My shirt size dropped from XL to S, and my waistline shrank from 38 inches to 29 inches. Compliments started to pour in on how well and lean I look. My health also improved tremendously as a result.

With the new me, I completed my first 10km and 21km marathon and participated in the Spartan Sprint race this year. I am also looking forward to challenge myself with a full marathon and increased level of difficulty in the Spartan Race.


They say health is wealth, and I’m glad that that my investment in fitness paid off handsomely. This was not just a physical change, but also a change in lifestyle and eating habits. Truth be told, the journey was not easy. There were moments of pain, frustration and self-doubts. But thanks to Daniel – he believed in me, guided me and pushed me beyond my limits.

Working out at Fitness First and healthy eating is now a vital part of my life. And for those who are still sitting on the fence, do join me on this journey and discover unlimited possibilities together.