Vanessa Low

I suffered from eating disorder, and I was severely underweight.

Due to this, I was constantly tired, moody and low in energy. People frowned in disapproval at my skinny frame all the time, and constantly reminded me to do something about it.

It was that day during a medical check-up, when the doctor told me that if I continued this way, my heart would be the only muscle left in me that would cause me to die.

And my personal trainer, Dzul Danny Ng entered the picture. With him, I explored on new exercises and learned how to move correctly and efficiently. He was always there whenever I needed any diet or nutritional advices, and slowly, I stepped out of my eating disorder.

With 3 – 4 months of hard work and dedication, I’ve gained overall muscle mass and weight, as well as visible muscles on my upper and lower body. I am also able to lift heavier weights as I progressed, feeling happier with a newfound bounce in my steps.

Now, the joy is going for longer walks with my dog and grandparents while carrying heavy groceries without feeling worn out.

I feel confident, and I feel good in my own skin. If I can do it, you can do. Do it not for anyone but for yourself.